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Women of Wealth Initiative

Woman working on finances

Women of Wealth Initiative

Empowering Women Financially

At Mason, we believe in empowering women to take control of their financial lives, since it is likely that at some point in their lives women will be responsible for their finances. And women also face unique challenges in accumulating and managing wealth, including life events, juggling family and career, returning to the workforce after a hiatus to care for family, and other curves life may throw their way. Mason understands this and provides proactive attention and service to help build their financial knowledge and confidence.

A Team that Knows You

Getting to truly know you is the first stop to building a plan that aligns with your needs, situation, and goals. Building a deep knowledge of your current financial profile is critical, but we believe that getting to know you and delving into what motivates you, what concerns you, and where you see yourself in the future is equally important. We strive to build a personal connection and relationship with you that goes beyond advisor to client.

Part of the Community

Hearing other’s experiences and sharing your own can be liberating and uncover ideas and actions that you may not have considered. Our goal is for Mason to be your community and a resource for support, learning, and experiences that you can’t get elsewhere. Through our Women of Wealth events, we discuss issues that are especially pertinent to women, such as leaving both a financial and value-based legacy to future generations, navigating through a divorce, salary negotiating tips, and raising financially responsible children. We welcome your feedback on topics of interest – we want to know what’s on your mind! We cover a wide range of areas, bringing in experts from other industries to provide their perspectives. We also make it convenient and flexible to attend our events either in-person or virtually.

Proactive Education, Communications, and Knowledge Building

A core part of encouraging your financial independence is enhancing your financial knowledge. Mason experts are eager to provide education and communications that help you become a more informed investor. We send out regular emails, articles, and other pieces on planning subjects, as well as investing. Our heritage of transparency means that we share our thinking on topical events, such as major market moves, elections, federal legislative action, and more, so you understand our point of view and any actions we are taking in response to macro considerations.

We look forward to helping empower your future.