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Clients We Serve

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Clients We Serve

Helping Wealthy Individuals and Families Reach Their Goals and Dreams

You have your own unique circumstances, aspirations, interests, and goals. Our approach focuses on gaining a deep understanding of your past, your current situation, and where you want to go so we can craft a strategy that works for each stage of your life.

Learn more about our tailored approach to financial planning and investment management.

We work with each client to create customized plans and portfolios, and we apply our knowledge and experience to help identify and address your areas of concern and opportunity. Some of our specialized practice areas include:

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Helping corporate executives understand and maximize potential compensation

Mason has deep roots in corporate-sponsored benefits programs, helping senior executives understand their total compensation package, including the potential tax ramifications of changes to compensation. Many executives receive a significant portion of their compensation in company equity which can result in a very large, concentrated position. We help develop a strategy and plan to diversify your portfolio while remaining highly attuned to taxes.

Helping women with their unique personal and professional concerns

A one size fits all approach is never the answer, especially given the particular challenges women may face. From life’s joyous events, such as marriage, a new job, and the arrival children or grandchildren, to difficult transitions, including juggling the demands of parenthood and the concerns of aging parents, divorce, or widowhood, we are there for you throughout your life journey.