Mason Investment Advisory Services
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Institutions We Serve

Institutions We Serve

For over 25 years, Mason has served the investment needs of leading institutions nationwide.

We realize institutions of different types have unique operational and investment needs. We take the time to get to know each organization we serve to fully understand its mission and goals as well as investment policies and spending plans. This allows us to tailor our services to ensure that each organization’s critical needs are met.

Mason supports a wide variety of organizations including:

We recognize the challenges faced by community foundations. Beyond investment management of your portfolios, we provide assistance with your local investment advisors, data aggregation, and donor education for your investment management program. And our donor development support can help you educate your community about your foundation’s role in local philanthropy.
Using our comprehensive OCIO services, a foundation or endowment’s staff can leverage the skill and expertise of an on-call investment office without the administrative burden and expense of on-site staff. For organizations that prefer to maintain the final decision-making authority on manager selection and portfolio rebalancing, Mason offers a traditional or non-discretionary service model.
Long-term investments are critical to key staff, committees, and board members of stand-alone hospitals, hospital systems, and senior living facilities. With proper management of assets, your organization may be able to provide funds for the most pressing needs of today and maintain and grow your assets for the future. Mason’s consultants help you address these issues and develop solutions that fit your unique needs.
Arts and culture organizations, like museums and theaters, often utilize Mason for asset allocation, rebalancing of assets, and manager selection services, so they can remain focused on their missions.
Mason understands the needs and spending requirements of private and family foundations, as well as the intergenerational issues that can weigh heavily on foundation decision makers. We leverage our understanding of family wealth management to deliver institutional portfolios and high-touch, personalized service.
Mason understands that not all corporate foundations are managed the same way. Our deep understanding of different corporate foundation structures gives us an edge in serving this important client segment.
For social services entities with endowment assets, our consultants work with your organization to design a plan that allows for reasonable spending today while maintaining purchasing power into the future.
Mason serves as an advisor to your organization’s retirement plan committee and key staff, assisting your organization in meeting the needs of your current and future plan beneficiaries.
Mason brings a deep understanding of defined contribution, defined benefit, and other types of retirement plans. We work with your company’s retirement plan committee and key staff to support all aspects of your investment program.