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Investing 101: Understanding the Basics (Worksheet)

Whether you hope to retire in style, send a loved one to college, launch a business, or support a favorite charity, investing wisely can help you build the financial resources you need to make your dreams a reality.

Unfortunately, only 14% of women say they know a lot about investing* and many are naturally apprehensive about making mistakes with their money. At Mason, our goal is to empower women with the information they need to invest with confidence.

Start with your reasons “why”

Having tangible goals helps you focus on what’s important to you and guides your investment strategy, in particular your asset allocation.

Asset allocation is the way your investments are spread across asset classes that have different performance histories and expectations. Your Mason team selects your specific allocations to create a return and risk profile that gives you the best chance to reach your financial goals within your time frame and the level of risk with which you are comfortable.

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